Preparations – More purchases!

The seemingly never ending list of expensive purchases continues. Earlier today I ordered a Spot Messenger*, two more double ended day / night distress flares, sailing compass bracket, sea anchor and a new burgee from Piplers Chandlery, Poole, who have been great – good old fashioned service from very helpful staff who know what they’re talking about.

Considering the amount of stuff I’ve been ordering from them lately, they’ve agreed to have a think about what sort of discount they might be able to offer for the last and future purchases. There’s a small mountain of kit (safety equipment, specialist clothing, tent, sleeping bag, nautical charts, electronics, and loads more) in the front room. Keeping the overall weight down is going to be a challenge.

*The Spot Messenger will mean it will be possible to see my position, updated every 10 minutes, on Google maps available via a link from my blog website (link to follow next week). It can also be used for sending ‘I’m OK’ or SOS / Mayday alerts via satellite.