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New paddle and paddle sailing

I’ve recently taken delivery of a new paddle, custom made by Eden Wood to
their Chestnut pattern. It’s in maple and the shaft is a very long 40″. I
hope by ‘paddle sailing’ in light winds I’ll be able to keep moving at about
3 knots, using the combined power of the sail and the paddle. This technique
works well for me when seated, sometimes on the side deck to balance the
boat against the pressure of wind in the sails. Hence the need for an
extra-long paddle. Paddle sailing is effective with the rudder down and with
the tiller locked off. The boat tracks well but occasional tiller
adjustments are needed. An alternative is to raise the rudder, using sail
and dagger board position, boat trim and paddle strokes to steer. Sometimes
large sweep strokes are needed to avoid the boat rounding up into the wind
during a gust. Paddle sailing without the rudder feels fluid and dynamic but
I haven’t practiced much – so I don’t know how it will work for long
periods. During periods of no wind I’ll use a double bladed paddle.

Edenwood "Old Chestnut" Paddle

Edenwood "Old Chestnut" Paddle

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