Solway Dory

Solway Dory was started in 1981 by John Bull at Kirkbride on the Solway Firth. Originally he designed dories but he soon became interested in sailing canoes and went on to become the main instigator behind the current revival in canoe sailing. He was the founder member of the Open Canoe Sailing Group and did much to promote canoe sailing in the 1990s.

John retired from Solway Dory in 1998 and now it is a partnership of the three of us; Dave Poskitt, Dave Stubbs and Jan Poskitt.

We have been passionate about sailing canoes since the early 90s, sailing in the Lake District throughout the year. We regularly attend meets of the Open Canoe Sailing Group taking part in racing, cruising and training events. We particularly enjoy setting out for camping trips on the West Coast of Scotland where we are able to experience a real sense of adventure and freedom by exploring the beautiful islands, lochs and remote beaches of the Hebrides.

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