Stages of the circumnavigation

There’s no authoritative way to divide up the UK coastline for canoe sailing… and the challenge is ambitious, so not all of the “stages” may get started, let alone completed… but if all goes to plan, the blog entries will be categorised as follows:

      1. Southampton to the Isle of Sheppey
      2. Southend to Skegness
      3. Skegness to Sunderland
      4. Sunderland to St Andrews
      5. Scotland, East: North from St Andrews
      6. Scotland, Crossing: the Caledonian Canal
      7. Scotland, West: South to Stranraer
      8. Stranraer to Somewhere (route TBA)
      9. Somewhere (route TBA) to St Davids
      10. St Davids to St Ives
      11. St Ives to Salcombe
      12. Salcombe to Southampton

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