Early in 2012, Gavin called me to discuss a plan he’d got… to head out from his home by sea canoe (as we had done together in the past)… and to keep turning left.  I found the ambition truly inspiring, and by the end of the call, I was signed up in some sort of “support” role.

Whilst I hope to accompany Gavin on the water from time to time, I’m mostly expecting to have a shore-based role: keeping tabs on how things are going, providing information, liaising with shore-based support and helping in any other way I can.

My main time input to date has been producing this blog and linking it to all the social media and so on… so please direct any feedback on that side of things my way!

Of course, this site for Gavin has ended up being way more sophisticated than my own, but for more on where I’m coming from feel free to visit

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